Do Foggers Work for Bed Bugs | True Effectiveness of Fogging

Written by Thomas Matthews

When it comes to eliminating bed bugs, there’s no such thing as magic sprays. Most pesticides can only eliminate bed bugs when they’re applied directly.

Do foggers work for bed bugs? Although foggers are effective against bed bugs, they shouldn’t be the only method of bed bug control. To kill the pest, the whole release foggers’ chemicals must come into contact with it. They are ineffective if they can’t reach the bed bugs, especially on the crevices where eggs, larvae, and other adults are usually found.

Foggers are approved to be used for a variety of indoor pests, including bed bugs. However, not all foggers are labeled for bed bug use, so read the label carefully before purchasing one for your bed bug problems.

Can You Use Foggers for Bed Bugs?

Can You Use Foggers for Bed Bugs

You can use foggers for bed bugs. However, they need to be applied carefully and directly to get the bed bugs eliminated. 

Furthermore, factors such as the following play a significant part in the efficacy of foggers:

  • Method of application
  • The severity of the infestation
  • Environmental conditions

Other bed bugs home-treatment options you can have are store-bought bed bug foggers. However, according to the Ohio State University researchers, these foggers can’t penetrate bed bug hiding places, making them ineffective unless applied directly.

Thus, if you use foggers, it would be best to ensure that the place you’re targeting is the den of bed bugs. This way, you can ensure that the fogging method will work against bed bugs.

What Is a Bed Bug Fogger?

What Is a Bed Bug Fogger

A bed bug fogger is a special insecticide dispenser in the form of an aerosol. The bed bug fogger is spattered into the crevices of the infected area to eliminate and force out the last pest in the targeted site.

Although bed bugs are more stubborn than other pests, the chemicals found in bed bug foggers are potent if applied correctly. However, extreme caution is needed while using them as their ingredients are highly flammable

Explosions can also happen if too many foggers are used. Thus, never use more than needed to avoid igniting fumes, leading to fire or explosion.

What Is a Bed Bug Fogging Machine?

What Is a Bed Bug Fogging Machine

A bed bug fogging machine is a gas-powered or electric-powered machine furnished with a tank. This tank can be pressurized after being filled with a liquid insecticide.

Once the pressure is sustained, pressing the trigger expels a stream of pressurized chemical fog. You can then point the smoke in the infected area, eliminating the bed bugs in that particular place. 

When And How to Use Bed Bug Fogger?

When using a total-release fogger, you set the canister in the proper spot, turn it on, and then leave the room. The use of total release foggers is permitted against a number of indoor pests, including bed bugs. Before buying a fogger, examine the label to make sure it lists bed bugs on the label because not all foggers are labeled for use against bed bugs.

How to Use a Bed Bug Fogger?

To use the total release fogger (bug bombs), place the canister in the target location and activate it. Make sure to leave the room or the building as directed on the label.

Furthermore, remember the following tips to ensure the safe application of bed bug fogger at home:

  • Make sure to use only the number of foggers required for your house. Using more foggers than needed can result in explosions.
  • Ensure to turn off pilot lights and unplug the appliances to lessen the chance of an explosion.
  • Leave the room or the premises as directed by the product’s label and return only when the prescribed time has passed.

Do Foggers Exterminate Bed Bug Eggs and Larvae?

Do Foggers Exterminate Bed Bug Eggs and Larvae

Although foggers can eliminate bed bugs due to their effective insecticide content (pyrethrins), they don’t remove bed bug infestations altogether. This is because they sometimes can’t eliminate the eggs and larvae since the reach of foggers can’t extend fully to the crevices where the eggs, larvae, and other adults are situated.

However, if the eggs and larvae come in contact directly with the foggers, they can get eliminated in the process.

What Are the Best Bed Bug Foggers?

1. Actisol® Machine

An Actisol Machine  is a lightweight, portable machine that mixes high air volume and low volume insecticides. This process atomizes the mixture in a special nozzle, having an 18″ fogging wand.


  • It can eliminate adult and bed bug eggs.
  • Nice scent.
  • It can reach the small cracks and crevices where bed bugs love to hide.
  • It has a long hose to make it easier to use.


  • Expensive
  • Loud

2. Bedlam Plus

The Bedlam Plus  comes in the form of a spray and eliminates the bed bugs where they hide. This solution doesn’t stain the fabrics and surfaces, such as:

  • Mattresses
  • Wood furniture
  • Carpeting

The spray contains two active ingredients, and the treatment can last up to two weeks.


  • Easy to use.
  • Efficient in eliminating bed bugs.
  • Active bed bug knockdown power.
  • Lingering effect on the wood, ceramic surfaces, and carpet for two weeks.
  • Used by most pest control professionals.


  • It requires you to wear a respirator mask. 
BEDLAM Plus 17 oz, Clear
  • Kills bed bugs where they hide
  • Will not stain water safe fabrics and surfaces
  • For use on mattresses, wood furniture and carpeting
  • Contains two active ingredients for a dual mode of action
  • Treatments last up to 2 weeks

3. Bond Manufacturing 571 917568 O2812618 Bed Bug Fogger, 2 Oz

This type of bed bug fogger  is ready to use when it arrives. It has dual action formula that can be effective in eliminating the following pests:

  • Bed bugs
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Beetles
  • Carpenter bees
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Gnats
  • Mosquitos
  • Ticks
  • Wasps
  • Silverfish

They’re best for indoor use and can be a great help in eliminating bugs in cabins, garages, basements, attics, and more.

Bond Manufacturing 571 917568 O2812618 Bed Bug Fogger, 2 Oz
  • INSECT KILLER - Our pest control kills bed bugs, boxelder bugs,...
  • INDOOR USE - This product treats rooms infested with bugs. It is...
  • DUAL ACTION FORMULA - Our penetrating fog offers effective long...
  • COMPLETE CONTROL - One canister of fogger will treat a room up to...
  • EASY TO USE SPRAY CANISTER - This product is ready to use when it...

4. Cedarcide Original Cedar Oil Bug Spray

The Cedarcide Original Cedar Oil Bug Spray  is deemed the ‘best bug spray on the planet’ for a reason. This bug spray helps eliminate and repel bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and mites. 

The best thing about this spray is that it’s family and pet-friendly. Furthermore, safe for your clothing, carpets, gear, pieces of furniture, and more.


  • It contains natural cedar oil.
  • Family and pets are safe.
  • Safe to use on furniture and mattresses.


  • Not as effective compared to other foggers.
  • Strong smell.
  • More pricey than other bed bug fogger products.
Natural Cedar Oil Insect Repellent formerly known as Best Yet now called Cedarcide Original (Pint) Biting Insect Spray Kills and Repels Mosquitoes Ticks Fleas and Chiggers
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Non-staining and skin-safe
  • Not for use on plants
  • Both lab and real world tested

5. Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray Jug, Green + Non-Toxic, 100% Kill + Extended Product

The Ecoraider Bed Bug Killer Spray  is a toxin-fee and dermatologically tested safe bug spray. It eliminates nymphs, eggs, and adults fast as long as they come in contact with the spray. 

The USDA approves this bug spray in their public health pesticide program in public housing. Moreover, the Entomology Society of America deemed this bug spray as ‘the most effective natural bug killer.’


  • It can eliminate bed bugs with precision.
  • Field-tested and approved by entomologists.
  • It can eliminate all life stages of bed bugs.
  • Highly effective on even the most resistant strains of bed bugs.
  • Family and pets are safe.


  • Its residual can last for up to two weeks.
  • It’s not as effective as other brand names of pesticides.
EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray 1 Gallon Jug, Green + Non-toxic, 100% Kill + Extended Protection
  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE BED BUG KILLER — Journal of economic...
  • PROVEN THROUGH USDA IR4 PHP PROGRAM — field tested by research...
  • EXTENDED DRY RESIDUAL PROTECTION — University study shows...
  • NON-TOXIC, SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY — certified USDA BioBased...

6. Harris 5 Minute Bed Bug Killer (Odorless and Non-Staining Formula) Product

Harris 5 Minute Bed Bug Killer  contains metofluthrin, clothianidin, and piperonyl butoxide, which are known to knock down even those pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs in just 5 minutes after direct contact.

It’s known as a real bed bug eradicator and can eliminate even the most resistant bed bugs. This bug eradicator is registered for use in residential homes with the EPA. 


  • It can eliminate more bed bugs than other brands.
  • Effective on bed bug eggs.
  • EPA-registered.
  • Can work up to sixteen weeks long.
  • Safe to use on fabrics.


  • It claims to be odorless, but there have been reports that it has some smell.
  • Weaker than other toxic pesticides.
  • Residuals can last for several months.
Harris 5 Minute Bed Bug Killer, Odorless & Non Staining Formula (128oz)
  • 5 Minute Kill Time – Kills bed bugs at all life stages in 5...
  • Patent Pending Technology – Uses metofluthrin, clothianidin and...
  • Residual Kill – The EPA claim for the residual of the product...
  • EPA Registered – Registered with the Environmental Protection...
  • Harris Exclusive – Harris has an exclusive on this formula in...

7. Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer (With Egg Kill) Product

The Head Shot Bed Bug Killer  can eliminate bed bugs and their eggs by contact. This product is water-based, non-staining, and has no odor—perfect for spot treatment of mattress tufts, seams, and folds.

This Hot Shot fogging spray product is good at eliminating bed bugs and has the same delivery system, which is water-based. This means you can safely apply this on mattresses or sofas without any fear of staining the fabric.

Furthermore, this can eliminate the tough eggs and larvae, keeping the pest population from returning.


  • Mainly designed for bed bugs.
  • It eliminates larvae, bed bug eggs, and adults.
  • Odorless.
  • Don’t stain fabrics.


  • Less potent than other pesticides.
  • No long-term effects and must be reapplied frequently.
Hot Shot Ready-to-Use Bed Bug Killer Spray, Kills Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Eggs, Kills Fleas and Dust Mites, 32 Ounce
  • Bed bug treatment: Hot Shot bed bug Killer with egg kill kills...
  • Use indoors: spot treat mattress tufts, folds, vent holes,...
  • Water-based formula: this non-staining formula leaves no odor
  • Application: spray intended use areas until damp, but do not...
  • Treat bed bugs as part of a cycle: for Best results, use this...

8. Hot Shot (Hg-95911) Bedbug & Flea Fogger (Aerosol, 6/3-2-Ounce Pack of 18) Product

The Hot Shot Hg-95911  product contains Nylar that regulates insect growth, preventing bed bugs and other pests from growing into the biting stage. This is best used in enclosed spaces, such as:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Boats
  • Cabins
  • Closed porches
  • Condos
  • Garages
  • Homes
  • Kitchens
  • Pet sleeping areas

This type of fogger prevents reinfestation for up to 7 months.


  • Ease of use.
  • It eliminates eggs and larvae.
  • More potent than most fogger products.


  • It can stain mattresses and furniture.
  • It doesn’t reach into cracks or crevices.
  • Not effective on eggs and larvae.
Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger For Insects, Aerosol, 3/2-Ounce, Pack of 18
  • KILLS BED BUGS AND FLEAS: Hot Shot BedBug & Flea Fogger also...
  • INHIBITS FLEA REINFESTATION: Inhibits reinfestation of fleas for...
  • CONTAINS NYLAR: Contains Nylar insect growth regulatory to...
  • WHERE TO USE: Use indoors in enclosed spaces such as apartments,...
  • EACH CAN COVERS 2,000 CU FT: Treats 2,000 cubic feet of...

9. PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug (Pressurized Insecticide – 20 Oz) Product

The PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide  contains prallethrin that eliminates bed bugs quickly when in contact. Furthermore, it can also eliminate bed bug eggs for up to seven months, preventing them from hatching.

The 20 oz can of this insecticide is able to treat 2,625 square feet of your space and is also safe for your pets.

10. Mgk 1977 Crossfire Insecticide Aerosol (17 Oz Cream) Product

The Mgk 1977 Crossfire Insecticide Aerosol Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide  has two active ingredients, providing fast insect knockdown and extra action.

It can eliminate all stages of bed bugs, such as eggs, nymphs, and adults. This aerosol is made to fight and eliminate, particularly parathyroid-resistant bed bugs.

MGK 1977 Crossfire Insecticide Aerosol, 17oz, Cream
  • 17 oz can
  • Active ingredients: clothianidin - 0.40% metofluthrin - 0.01%...
  • Package Dimensions: 7.366 L x 28.829 H x 21.717 W (centimeters)
  • item package weight: 1.2 pounds

11. Raid Bed Bug Detector & Trap (8 CT) Product

The Raid Bed Bug Detector & Trap, 8 CT , is best used in sleeping areas to detect bugs. For best results, put the traps before the infestation happens, or else, you’ll only be validating the existing infestation of your place.

Raid Bed Bug Detector & Trap, 8 ct
  • Partially enclosed trap, designed with a see-through window
  • Use when traveling or at home
  • Indoor use
  • Easy to dispose
  • Detects and traps bed bugs early

12. Raid Fumigator

The Raid Fumigator  is effective in eliminating bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, and dust mites. This fumigator has a fresh scent and can treat a room size of 300 sq. ft.

To use the raid fumigator:

Step 1: Peel off the fumigator foil. Then, take the metal can out of the cup. 

Step 2: Fill the cup with water up to its line and put the metal fumigator can in the cup.

Step 3: Once done, keep all doors and windows closed and leave the room for three hours.


  • More effective than conventional foggers.
  • Wide range of effects.
  • Extensive application, affecting other bugs and insects.


  • High-priced.
  • Challenging to use compared to point and spray foggers.
  • The danger of fume inhalation.
  • It doesn’t work on eggs.
Johnson Fogger/Fumgtr.35oz 3pk
  • Raid Fumigator Fogger
  • Unique smoke penetrates hidden areas behind household walls &...
  • Creates a dry, fumigating fog that penetrates deep into...
  • Leaves a clean fresh scent with no oily residue

What Are the Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bed Bug Fogger?

Before buying a bed bug fogger, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Size
  • Brand
  • Angle spray
  • Ease of use
  • Coverage
  • No-mess spray
  • Free trials and warranty

Tips for Buying Bed Bug Foggers

Tips in Buying Bed Bug Foggers

It would also be best to consider the following tips in buying bed bug foggers:

Buy the Correct Bed Bug Spray or Fogger 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates products, such as bed bugs and pesticides. Thus, you might get too comfortable with the idea that they’re completely safe since they passed the regulation.

However, it’s best to know that although they passed EPA’s standards, it doesn’t mean that there are no longer risks in using pesticides. You still have to ensure that proper usage is observed to prevent any possible risks from occurring.

Thus, make it a habit to read and follow the instructions on the product’s label to ensure safe and effective application.

Buy Only in Trusted Stores and Sites

Since there are many counterfeits and new products in the market today, it’s best to buy in legit stores and sites. This way, you can ensure that you’re getting the ‘original’ product, not the counterfeit one.

Understand What the Product You Bought Can Do

If you’ve already bought bed bug sprays, you might have already noticed that some of these sprays can’t eliminate bed bugs that are still in the early stage of their life cycle. Thus, if you’re not able to eliminate the unhatched bed bugs, it means that you can’t effectively get rid of the infestation in your place.

It’s best to note that there are bugs that are relatively resistant to some EPA-approved pesticides. Some bed bugs, for example, are resistant to pyrethrins and pyrethroids but not to desiccants.

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