How to Get Rid of Little Black Bugs in Your Car? | Tips and Guide

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Common creatures like spiders, ants, roaches, and bed bugs are usually seen inside cars. Now, you might be wondering what are those unfamiliar little black bugs crawling inside your vehicle. These little black bugs commonly found inside cars are carpet beetles.

How to get rid of little black bugs in your car? Vacuum cleaning followed by cleaning and washing all fabrics and coverings from the car is an effective way in the elimination of any pests. Sprinkling a good amount of borax powder can eliminate little black bugs from the infested area.

Carpet beetles are one of the most frequent pests that may infest your vehicle. In this article, you’ll go over carpet beetles in more detail, as well as other pests that might infest your car, how to get rid of them, and much more.

Why Are There Little Bugs in Your Car?

Why Are There Little Bugs in Your Car

There are numerous reasons why little bugs find their way inside cars. The most common cause is the lack of hygiene in the vehicle. Insects and other bugs are attracted to unhygienic environments. Another reason is people may also unintentionally transport bugs into cars from outside. Lastly, during the cold or rainy season, insects and pests may seek refuge in a car.

Can Bugs Infest a Car?

Bug infestations in cars are very common. Bugs may thrive in the car in a number of ways. Inside the car, the warm environment can be ideal for bugs to thrive and breed. Particularly carpet beetles can infest a car because they have a food supply inside, such as car floor mats, seat covers, and carpets.

What Little Bugs Can Live In Your Car?

What Little Bugs Can Live In Your Car

Common little bugs that can live in cars are carpet beetles and bed bugs. Cockroaches and ants are also very common that can live in cars.

What Causes Carpet Beetles in Cars?

The most common reasons why carpet beetles infest cars are because they are attracted to fabrics and materials inside the car. They primarily feed on materials from animals like wool, fur, silk, feathers, felt, and leather. Another reason why carpet beetles are in cars is because of trash inside the car and lack of cleanliness. Carpet beetles, similar to other pests and bugs, like an unhygienic environment. Aside from eating fabrics, they can also eat human food, which is wastes left unclean inside the car.

Can Carpet Beetles Damage Your Car?

Can Carpet Beetles Damage Your Car

Carpet beetles can cause minor damage to your car’s interior. They can damage the car floor mats, car seat covers, and fabric interior designs of the car because they feed on these fabric materials. Holes and small tears can be noticed on carpets, mats, and car seats.

Where Do Carpet Beetles Lay Eggs?

Carpet beetles lay eggs on their food source which are on furs, woolen fabric, and carpets, among other things. They are commonly found in houses and cars. Inside the car, carpet beetles lay their eggs in car seats most of the time, especially in the gaps and cracks. Their eggs can also be found on or beneath the floor mat of a car.

Carpet Beetle Larvae in Car

Carpet beetle larvae are recognizable by their hairy, tiny caterpillar-like appearance and red to brownish color. They have yellowish stripes on their bodies, and they’re usually found inside seat coverings or under floor mats. Because they need to devour a lot of food, carpet beetle larvae are the ones most likely to damage fabrics inside the car.

How to Inspect Carpet Beetle Infestation?

The following are the most common and typical signs of an infestation of carpet beetles inside cars:

  • Holes in car seat covers, mats, carpets, and fabrics. Carpet beetle larvae are strong eaters of animal materials on fabrics, causing interior car damage.
  • Another sign of carpet beetle infestation in the car is finding carpet beetle larvae under floor mats and beneath seat covers. They are little hairy worms that resemble caterpillars but are red to brown with yellow stripes on the body.
  • Lastly, if there is an infestation in the car, little black bugs can be found crawling and will try to hide when noticed inside the car.

Is It Safe to Spray Bug Spray in Your Car?

It is safe to use bug sprays inside the car. Just make sure the car isn’t used immediately after spraying the bug spray because the scent and chemicals can be harmful to humans. Another factor to consider when using bug spray in cars is some bug sprays can cause the car paint to melt. A component on bug sprays is called DEET, which can melt paint. Check the bug spray’s ingredients to be sure it’s safe to use in vehicles. Most bug sprays will have an indication or label.

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How to Get Rid of Little Black Bugs (Carpet Beetles) In Your Car?

When it comes to getting rid of black carpet beetles, below are some ways to do it:

  • Identify and determine what type of bugs and pests are infesting in the car.
  • Search and confirm which areas are damaged and infested inside the car.
  • Remove, clean, and wash fabrics and covers inside the car separately. They can be cleaned properly that way.
  • Steam cleaning inside the car can be very effective. Carpet beetles can’t withstand heat and can easily be eliminated.
  • Boric acid is well-known to repel not only carpet beetles but most common bugs. Sprinkle borax powder into the infested area inside the car and leave it to dry. Vacuum inside the car thoroughly after the borax powder is dry. Borax repels carpet beetles and vacuum cleaning the car can be effective in getting rid of larvae and eggs.  
  • Don’t neglect your car. Clean frequently to maintain good hygiene inside the car.
  • Hire professional pest control services if the infestation is too much to handle.

What Things to Keep In Mind When Dealing With Pests Inside Your Car?

What Things to Keep In Mind When Dealing With Pests Inside Your Car

These are the things to keep in mind when dealing with pests inside your car:

  • If possible, do not eat inside the car. If you dine in the car, make sure to clean up the food waste and trash as soon as possible.
  • Always remember to clean the car on a regular basis to maintain cleanliness.
  • Keep in mind that if the infestation has gotten out of hand, professional pest control services can be hired and get the job done.


There are a variety of creatures that can infest and live within the car. The conditions and environment inside a car can be perfect for some insects to survive and reproduce. Carpet beetles, which feed on animal-based fibers, are the most common insect that can live inside cars. Fortunately, getting rid of insects and pests in your car is simple and inexpensive. One way to avoid insect infestations is to keep the inside of the car clean. Taking care of your car and not neglecting it can go a long way toward keeping it pest-free.

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