Do Coffee Grounds Keep Deer Away? | Best Deer Repellents

Written by Paul Hayes

Deer have become common garden pests, and they can cause significant damage to your yard. You may have considered the popular solution of using coffee grounds to keep deer away, but are there more effective ways to deter them from your property?

Do coffee grounds keep deer away? Coffee grounds do keep deer away. However, there are far more reliable, scientifically-backed options available to keep pests like deer out of your garden, such as tall, electrified fencing, spray deterrents, and plants that interfere with the deer’s keen sense of smell.


To learn more about whether coffee grounds repel deer and other solutions to deter deer and other common pests, keep reading. We’ll cover the effectiveness of coffee grounds as deer and insect repellent, as well as many other reliable and easy-to-use deer repellents.

How To Repel Deer?

How To Repel Deer

White-tailed deer have become a highly invasive species wreaking havoc in gardens across America, and repelling them is a constant source of annoyance for many hobby and commercial gardeners alike. They can make quick work of large gardens, and buck rubbings can even destroy entire trees within days.

To repel deer and keep them out of their yards, many homespun solutions gardeners have used include sprays, plants, smelly objects like soap or human hair, and even tall, electrified fencing.

You may find yourself spending many hours and thousands of dollars rotating out and combining different methods to keep deer from becoming accustomed to these deterrents.

Deer have extremely sensitive noses that they use to detect the presence of predators. Certain pungent and offensive odors will signal danger to these hungry pests, causing them to avoid your yard at all costs. This is why the foul odors from pest-repellent sprays, plants, and even predator urine are frequently used as deer deterrents.

At some point, you may have heard of sprinkling coffee grounds around your garden’s perimeter to deter deer from devouring your precious produce and destroying your trees. It certainly sounds like a winning solution at first, as coffee grounds have a bitter, offensive scent similar to many other popular pest repellents. 

But is this method truly effective, or is it simply a waste of the time you could be spending on more effective solutions?

Coffee Grounds As Deer Repellent

Coffee Grounds As Deer Repellent

While coffee grounds are often cited as an inexpensive and effective deer deterrent, there isn’t much legitimate research to support this method’s efficacy. While coffee grounds have a somewhat bitter and acidic smell that many deer tend to avoid, their scent fades quickly, particularly after heavy rainfall.

Still, since coffee grounds have other benefits for your garden, like balancing soil acidity, repelling slugs, and attracting earthworms to your soil, using them to help keep deer away certainly won’t hurt. 

Do Coffee Grounds Deter Deer?

There’s no official, research-backed consensus as to whether or not coffee grounds actually deter deer and keep them out of your garden, as briefly mentioned above.

Many gardeners recommend using coffee grounds, though, as the grounds have an odor similar to other effective deer repellents, like mint, garlic, and pepper. Deer use their sharp sense of smell to detect the presence of predators, and unfamiliar, bitter scents can upset or frighten them, meaning they’ll avoid the source of the odors.

In addition, you ideally want to scare the deer away, not harm them, and coffee grounds are natural and harmless to deer and most other pests.

How Can You Use Coffee Grounds To Keep Deer Away?

How Can You Use Coffee Grounds To Keep Deer Away

You can use coffee grounds to keep deer away by sprinkling them throughout your garden as well as around the entire perimeter of your yard. The ground coffee gives off an extremely bitter odor that deer tend to avoid.

You can also sprinkle them as close to your plants and trees as you’d like, as they won’t harm them in any way. In fact, the coffee grounds will encourage other pests to stay away while attracting earthworms to help aerate and fertilize your soil.

However, over time, deer may become accustomed to the scent of the ground coffee and become less afraid of it, meaning this method will likely lose its efficacy over time.

Will Coffee Grounds Keep Deer Away From Your House Forever?

Coffee grounds won’t keep deer away from your house forever, and you shouldn’t rely on them alone to deter deer. You’ll need to frequently, if not several times per week, replenish the coffee grounds in and around your garden to keep the strong odor present. 

Even then, most deer will eventually get used to the scent and learn not to fear it. If you’re going to use coffee grounds to help keep them out of your garden, you should combine them with other more effective methods, like sprays, fencing, and other odorous plants. 

Combining and rotating out a variety of effective deterrents is your best option to keep the majority of deer away from your trees and gardens. Some become more resistant to specific methods over time, and not all of them are repelled by the same scents.

What Do Coffee Grounds Repel?

What Do Coffee Grounds Repel

Although coffee grounds aren’t the most effective deer repellent by far, they remain a prevalent solution because of their ease of use and supposed efficacy as a repellent to various other pests, primarily insects.

In addition, many other animals tend to find the smell of coffee grounds repulsive and upsetting, so they generally tend to avoid them. 

Coffee grounds repel the following pests, though there’s little legitimate scientific research on the subject to confirm their effectiveness.

  • Fleas
  • Mosquitos
  • Ants
  • Slugs and snails
  • Beetles
  • Small rodents like mice and moles

Again, since the use of coffee grounds as a pest repellent isn’t strongly supported by science, you shouldn’t rely on them alone to keep pests such as deer out of your garden.

Will Coffee Grounds Repel Animals? 

As mentioned above, coffee grounds are commonly used as a repellent for a number of common garden pests, despite little evidence backing up their efficacy as a deterrent.

In addition to smaller pests like insects and rodents, it’s believed that coffee grounds’ acidic scent helps to deter larger animals that often damage gardens, such as:

Since coffee grounds aren’t lethal to these animals, many gardeners see coffee grounds as a better and more natural repellent than other commercial repellents available on the market.

Can You Use Coffee Grounds as an Insect Repellent?

You can use coffee grounds as an insect repellent, as they’re generally more effective as insect repellents than deer repellent. However, deer are more difficult to deter from plants and trees as they can learn from experience and become used to many common deterrents over time.

Deer are also much larger and more destructive than most insects, meaning they require more complex deterrent methods.

To be sure, there are many more effective insect repellents than coffee grounds, but sprinkling them throughout your garden is a very cheap and readily available option you can use in a pinch or in combination with other methods like insect-repellent plants and sprays.

How To Use Coffee Grounds as an Insect Repellent?

To use coffee as an insect repellent, all you have to do is toss the ground coffee around the perimeter of your garden and sprinkle it throughout your yard, garden, and any surrounding areas you’d like to keep invasive and destructive bugs away from.

Remember that you’ll have to refresh the coffee grounds very often, as time and repeated rainfall will decrease the odor and overall efficacy of the grounds’ repellent quality.

What Is the Best Deer Repellent?

What Is the Best Deer Repellent

The best deer repellent is electrified fencing that’s at least six feet (1.83 m) tall. Even better than this is double fencing, as since deer have very poor depth perception, they’ll become confused at the sight of double fencing and refuse to attempt to jump over or otherwise breach it.

This Gardeneer by Dalen Deer X Protective Netting for Gardens and Landscapes can be a practical and cost-effective way to repel deer.

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However, more seasoned gardeners tend to combine and rotate out cheaper, easier-to-use methods such as spray repellents, natural repellents like predator urine, and certain plants deer tend to avoid.

Best Deer Repellent Sprays

Best Deer Repellent Sprays

Among the most effective ways to keep deer out of your garden consistently is deer repellent sprays that use odors deer find offensive, such as mint, garlic, and capsaicin. You can either create your own at home or purchase a spray from a local gardening supply shop or online retailer like

Unfortunately, many of the odors that deer find offensive are pretty repulsive to humans as well, so be prepared to deal with some seriously smelly ingredients if you’re creating a homemade deer spray deterrent. 

Other effective odors used in both homemade and commercial deer repellent sprays include:

  • Rotten eggs or sulfurous odors in general
  • Animal waste
  • Ammonia
  • Bittering agents
  • Various aromatic herbs like thyme, oregano, and dill
  • Predator urine (wolf, coyote, lion, tiger)

Note that by far the most effective spray deterrents use deer predator urine. The smell of wolf or coyote urine in particular will keep curious deer far away from your yard, as they’ll interpret the scent as the presence of predators nearby and avoid it at all costs.

Some great deer repellent spray options available on include Deer Out Deer Repellent and Bobbex Deer Repellent.

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These ready-to-use spray repellents are effective if you don’t want to develop your own concoction to keep deer out of your garden.

Best Electronic Deer Repellents

Another commonly-used yet more costly method to keep deer and other pests out of your yard is electronic repellent. Most electronic repellents on the market use either motion-detecting lights, sprinklers, or high-frequency sounds to scare pests like deer away from your property.

Although deer are very skittish, they’re also fairly intelligent and pick up on patterns quickly. Like other deterrent methods, rotating out these electronic repellents frequently is crucial to keeping them out of your garden in the long run.

For example, if you’re using a motion-detecting light or sprinkler, change their location every so often to prevent any nearby deer from getting used to them. If you’re using a repellent that emits high-frequency sounds, try either changing the device’s location every so often or change the sounds emitted by the device.

We recommend using Jahy2Tech Solar Animal Repeller.

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Best Natural Deer Repellents

There’s a wide range of other natural deer repellents you can use to repel deer from your yard. Some of the most effective options include:

  • Aromatic soaps
  • Bags of human hair
  • Less offensive essential oil scents like citrus, mint, and cinnamon; while humans don’t find these smells to be repulsive, they still are pungent enough to deter deer
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Keep in mind that while these are natural and often inexpensive deer repellents, they aren’t nearly as effective as some of the other options listed above. Still, if you use these in combination with more reliable repellents, they can be very promising and helpful in your efforts to prevent deer from destroying your garden.


Overall, coffee grounds are far from the best deer repellent. Since deer are intelligent animals that become accustomed to a variety of repellents very quickly, it’s helpful to combine and rotate a variety of repellents often until you find a combination that works best for your situation.

The best deer repellents you can use are tall, electric fencing, predator urines, electronic repellents that emit loud, high-frequency sounds or bright lights, and other sprays and plants with scents that deer find repulsive or frightening. Stay vigilant and change your methods whenever you notice deer and other pests becoming too comfortable.

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