Mice in Attic | How to Get Rid of Them?

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It seems that the attic is the perfect place for mice infestation – warm, dark, full of clutter, and away from people. Thus, it is not surprising to hear scuffling sounds and squeaking noises from this area.

Here are some helpful techniques on how to get rid of mice in the attic:

1. Look for possible entry points and close them.
2. Use repellents in getting rid of mice.
3. Place traps in areas where mice are prevalent.
4. Properly store food and grocery supplies.
5. Trim the shrubs and bushes that are growing near your home.
6. Clean the surroundings of the attic and practice proper hygiene.

This article will cover mice control, why they stay in the area, and the effective techniques to eliminate them to protect your belongings.

Is It Common to Have Mice in the Attic?

Is It Common to Have Mice in the Attic

Attics are known and common to be ideal locations for mice infestation because of its warm temperature, seclusion from people, presence of clutter and close proximity to food sources. Thus, it is not a surprise that these animals would look for these locations.

How Do Mice Get in the Attic?

Mice can get in the attic through the openings and holes in the roof and other parts of the house as their flexible bodies can easily sneak into these gaps. If you have shrubs and bushes growing near your homes, they can make it their ladder and climb all the way to the roof or ceilings. Also, their constant search for food can lead them to go to houses and live in secluded and dark areas such as attics.

Why Do Mice Like the Attic?

Why Do Mice Like the Attic

The following are the reasons why mice like the attic:

  • Warm Temperature. Attics usually have sufficient heat and warmth. So, if these creatures would like to escape the cold temperature from the outside, they would barge inside your house and stay in your attic.
  • Excellent Hiding Spot. Mice tend to shy away from people and if they don’t want to be spotted by anyone, they will hide in attics. These areas usually have boxes and storage containers where they can stay and maintain an abode.
  • Presence of Clutter. These creatures thrive in messy and chaotic environments, so when these conditions are present in your attic, they will not hesitate to make it their new home.
  • Close Proximity to Food Sources. Mice may be able to find something to devour in the attic, such as edible decorations and house paraphernalia. They may also scout for food in your kitchen and pantries and bring it in their nests.

Signs of Mice in the Attic

If the following signs are present, then there may be mice in your attic:

  • Squeaky and Scratching Noises. If you hear these noises in your roof or ceilings, you are probably living with these pests. They usually make these movements while going down to look for food or while roaming around to search for anything to devour. Since mice are nocturnal creatures, you will typically hear these sounds during evenings and when you go to sleep.
  • Presence of Droppings and Urine. When you see numerous droppings that are at least half an inch, dark brown in color and have pointed edges, your attic is probably infested with mice. Pay attention to the character and freshness of the poop in order to determine the length of infestation and to know whether these pests are already adults or still at the juvenile stage.
  • Existence of Mouse Nests. You may find a stash of papers or soft materials forming like an indefinite circle. This may actually the nest of mice. It signifies that they have already made an abode out of your attic.
  • Presence of Tunnels. This is especially true if you have an insulation system close to your attic. Mice love to envelop their bodies with heat, so they will not hesitate to make a tunnel on its surfaces when they see insulation materials.
  • Existence of Chew Marks. The presence of chewed pieces of paper or clothing can be strong evidence of mice infestation. This can be coupled with gnaw marks on the floors, electrical wirings, ventilation ducts, and pipes that are found near your attic.     

How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic?

How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

1. Look for possible entry points and close them.

Your house or building may have numerous holes and openings where mice can enter. This may be in the form of broken rooflines, prominent vents, worn-out doors, window seals, and a lack of bricks/tiles in walls. These creatures are known to have flexible bodies, so going into tiny holes will never be a problem for them. If you spot any openings, close and repair them as soon as possible.

2. Use repellents in getting rid of mice.

Pepper, cloves, and peppermint oil provide easy relief for mice invasion as these creatures despise the aroma of these things. Soak these items in a piece of cotton or cloth and place them in spots where they frequently lodge.

3. Place traps in areas where mice are prevalent.

Putting traps in the attic can be an excellent method of capturing mice. This can be done by placing live, electronic, and snap traps in areas where mouse activity is prevalent. It is important to position these baits strategically as there is a tendency for mice to avoid them. Once these traps are instituted, monitor it regularly for the presence of apprehended pests or change its placement when it becomes unproductive.

4. Properly store food and grocery supplies.

Mice are vehemently attracted to food. Thus, if your food supplies are put in the open or not stored properly, these pests will keep on infesting your house. They can just take it away and bring it to the attic. Therefore, it is advisable to store your provisions in tight canisters and receptacles.

5. Trim the shrubs and bushes that are growing near your home.

The presence of shrubs and bushes near your home facilitates easy access for mice to enter the attic. They are known to be very good climbers, so hiking towards the roof would not be a burden for them. If these plants are trimmed and not allowed to grow, these creatures would not be able to reach the roof crevices and, consequently, the attic area.

6. Clean the surroundings of the attic and practice proper hygiene.

Mice prefer to live in cluttered environments. Therefore, when you clean and sanitize your surroundings, there will be a big possibility that these pests will go out from your house and transfer to other locations.

How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic Naturally?

The following are the natural mouse repellents that can be utilized in getting rid of mice in the attic:

  • Cayenne Pepper, Pepper, Cloves, Peppermint Oil. Since mice are disgusted by the smell of these spices, you can soak the oils of these items in a cotton ball or cloth and put them in places where mice can easily smell them.
  • Ammonia. The smell of predators threatens mice, so when they smell the odor of this substance, they will think that predators have been urinating near their nest.
  • Amaryllis and Lavender Plants. If you have these plants in your garden, you might want to put some of its stalks in the attic. Mice hate the smell of amaryllis and lavender, so it could effectively work as a repellent.

How to Trap Mice in the Attic?

The following are the steps on how to trap mice in the attic:

Step 1: Decide on the type of trap that you will be using. You can choose from a snap trap, live trap, glue board, or electronic trap. Snap traps, glue boards, and electronic traps can injure and kill mice, while live traps do not necessarily cause extreme harm to the said creatures.

Step 2: Place these traps in the walls and corners of attics as mice like to trudge and run around these areas.

Step 3: Once these traps are instituted, monitor them regularly for the presence of captured mice.

Step 4: Reposition the traps if you think that the previous placement is ineffective.

How to Keep Mice Out of the Attic?

If you are on the constant lookout for the best techniques in keeping mice out of the attic, then these tips might be the answer:

  • Seal the openings and holes in the attic. This prevents the mice from entering or returning to the said area.
  • If you have tall trees and plants near your roof and ceilings, it is advisable to cut or trim them at a shorter length.
  • Maintain the order and cleanliness of your attic since these creatures thrive in untidy and cluttered environments.

What Do Mice in the Attic Sound Like?

What Do Mice in the Attic Sound Like

When there are mice in the attic, you will hear scratching, thumping, and scuffling noises as they crawl and move around the area. You will also hear slight gnawing sounds when they masticate and chew on walls and other things that can be seen in the attic. Other than that, it would be normal to hear squeaks and chirps, especially when they communicate with each other.

Can Mice Get Into the House From the Attic?

It is possible for mice to get into the house from the attic. They can travel down the house through holes and gaps as they can effortlessly fit themselves into it. They can also enter into homes from the outside by virtue of openings in the window and door frames, weep vents, and utility lines.

Do Mice Leave the Attic During the Day?

Do Mice Leave the Attic During the Day

During the day, mice typically rest and sleep as they are nocturnal beings. However, they may leave the attic and be active during this time in order to hunt for food. This is especially true when your house becomes quiet and uninhabited as it gives them the chance to scavenge for provisions.

How to Protect Your Stuff From Mice in the Attic?

Mice have the ability to damage and chew on any kind of stuff that can be found in the attic. Thus, there is a necessity to employ measures in order to secure and protect these things from their wrath. The following are good examples:

  • Place your stuff in tight containers and storage boxes in order to prevent the mice from infiltrating through it.
  • Regularly clean and arrange the contents of your attic to stop the building up of clutter and waste.
  • Seal the possible areas in the attic where mice can enter.
  • Put mouse repellents and mice trap in places close to your belongings.


Mice are small creatures, but their ability to cause damage to your property is definitely immense. Thus, it is imperative to eradicate their presence and prevent their infestation in houses and offices, especially in attics. This location is very conducive for their way of life, and it is a settled fact that a lot of stuff and belongings are stored in this place.

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