How to Get Rid of Ants in Electrical Appliances: Tips and Guide

Ants love to make their shelters in dark places, electric boards, and in other electrical appliances. They have the potential to damage your electronic appliances, installations, and can be a cause of frustration. The larger infestation of ants can go out of control and can cause great damage to your household.

It is necessary to take some measures to control these ants and to protect the electronic equipment in your house. In this article, we will share all the necessary details, that you can use to get rid of ants in the electronic appliances, their prevention and control methods.

How to get rid of ants in electronics? Effective methods that can be used to get rid of the ants in electrical appliances include the use of insecticides (mostly ant baits), sealing the entry points, cleaning by using aero dusters, and disposing of garbage properly. Further, we have also shared some simple DIY natural home remedies to control and prevent the ant infestations in your electrical appliances.

Ant Exterminators

When it comes to electrical appliances, it can be tricky to eradicate and control the ants’ attack. With these types of equipment, you need to be extra careful not to damage them with pest control methods. This is why it is imperative to carefully follow our guide and tips.

If you have a laptop or electrical outlets that are infected with ants, we have made sperate articles for them because they require more precision or in some cases even professional help. Now let’s begin with our guide about ants in electrical appliances!

Types of Ants That Damage Electrical Appliances

Types of Ants That Damage Electrical Appliances

Different ant species have a great affinity towards electronic appliances and use the tiny spaces within for shelter. Most of the reported ant species that live in electronic installations are fire ants, tawny crazy ants, carpenter ants, tiny black ants, acrobat ants, Asian super ant, Kamikaze ants, etc. The ants swarm inside devices, electronic boxes, and other installation.

Common household ants, especially crazy ants find the cracks in the walls, holes, dark and small spaces like electronic installations or appliances for their shelter. Due to their rapid growth and larger infestation, the situation should be controlled earlier to avoid further damage. Now let’s see why do ants attack electronic appliances.

Why Do Ants Attack Electrical Appliances?

Ants prefer to create shelter near electronic appliances, especially near circuits breakers, electric pumps, electric outlets or air conditioner units. The ants detect the magnetic waves near electric wiring and can get attracted to the warmth near electric appliances, They prefer those temperature conditions more than the cooler environment.  

The other reason can be bad sanitation practices. When you use electric appliances and devices with stained hands, the food particles can drop inside through the spaces. Ants get attracted to these dark and warm spaces where food residues are easily available to them.

What Damage Can Ants Cause in Your Electrical Appliances?

What Damage Can Ants Cause in Your Electronic Appliances

Early preventive measures should be taken to avoid any serious damage in electrical appliances and installations.

Larger ant infestations can cause significant problems by damaging wirings, devices and can short circuits in your entire house. If the problem is severe, the larger ant colonies can even set your house on fire.

The ants are more likely to colonize in the circuit breakers, transformer boxes, water heaters, telephone boxes, electric pumps, switch boxes, air conditioner and other electric outlets. Now let’s talk about methods that you can apply in order to get rid of the ants.

Methods for Getting Rid of Ants in Electrical Appliances I Step by Step Guide

Dealing with electronic appliances to control pest infestation can be extremely dangerous and risky. You should avoid taking any measure to treat ants before properly reading guidelines and instructions and also do not forget to turn off your power before the application of insecticides. Different methods are used to control ants in electronic appliances and installations.

Tightly seal all the holes and spaces in electric appliances and keep your house clean to prevent their entry in the first place. You can create barriers to prevent their entry inside your house.

Baits are used commonly for the effective control of ants attack. You can easily purchase different types of baits to lure ants outside of your electric appliances. Their colony will eventually die after the application of baits.

Several insecticide sprays and ant repellents are available commercially to eliminate the ants. Take note of instructions on the product before using spray near electronic appliances. Using the spray directly can damage your house wiring. Dust treatment is also an efficient method to prevent ants from nesting and for eradicating ants in the appliances and near installations.

Ant Killer Sprays

Avoid using liquid chemicals to eradicate ants in electrical appliances. It can result in a short circuit and break down of the whole system. Application of dust, tapes and insect baits is the best way to get rid of ants.

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However, some pesticides can be sprayed near appliances or on electrical boxes. Do not spray directly on wires, circuits or sockets and during the application, use cheesecloth or cotton to absorb the extra spray from your wires and sockets.

Ant Baits

Ant bait is one of the most effective methods to get rid of the ant infestation. Several greasy baits, fat based baits, protein-based or sugary baits are available commercially to eliminate the ant colonies.

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You can place the bait near your electronic appliances and close to the entry points of ants. Ant baits are used to lure the ants and eventually, they result in the death of the whole colony. Try one type of ant bait at first and if it does not work, you can swipe it with another type of ant bait.

Dust Treatments (Products in the Form of a Dust/Powder)

Different insecticides if the form of a powder (like diatomaceous earth) are available commercially. Sprinkle insecticide powder near electronic appliances for some effective results.

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After the elimination of ant colonies, keep an eye on them for a few weeks and take preventive measures to avoid their re-establishment.

Aero Duster (Blowers)

Removing food particles from electrical appliances or drying liquids that have spilled on these appliances can be very difficult at times. Nonetheless, technological developments continue to offer effective solutions in many areas of our lives. One of these solutions for cleaning electrical appliances from ants is the aero duster that offers one of the simplest and effective ways to get rid of ants in electrical appliances.

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An aero duster functions by blasting air into an appliance, thereby drying spilled liquids and removing foods and insects as well. Ants can be devastating because they can render any kind of electrical appliance useless. The blast of air released by an aero duster not only removes ants from appliances but also kills most of them during the dusting process.

How to Prevent Ants From Infesting Electrical Appliances

The foremost and the earliest step of controlling the ant infestations in electronic appliances is to take preventive measures.

  • It is important to have good sanitation practices in your house. Try to maintain a hygienic environment and dispose of your garbage and leftovers regularly. Do not touch switchboards, electric circuit, switch boxes and other devices with greasy or stained hands which can attract ants.
  • Clean your appliances and devices and shake the food residue out of them. Do not give a reason to the ants to take shelter in your precious electrical devices. Wipe all the areas near electronic devices to remove crumbs and food particles.
  • Make sure to seal all the spaces and holes which can be the possible entry points of ants in the future. You can use rubber, Teflon or insulating tapes for sealing or insulation of electrical parts.
  • Switch off and unplug your electronic appliances before cleaning them and taking any other control measure just for safety.
  • Add barriers and insect repellent near appliances and inside your house to avoid the entry and colonization of the ants.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Ants in Electronics I Natural Methods

To naturally control the ant infestation in your electronic appliances, you can apply different home remedies.

Natural Ant Repellents

To eliminate the ant’s infestations in the house and in electrical appliances, place insect repellent herbs or supplements. Many plants contain essential oils that keep the ants away from your house. Some of the insect repellent plants are mint, chili, garlic, cinnamon, cucumber peels, lavender, baby powder and camphor to prevent the infestation of ants.

Clean your appliances with soapy water, it also acts as an ant repellent and prevents the pest colonization.

Dust Treatment

Apply charcoal, crushed coffee or chalk near appliances and possible entry point to control ants attacks.

Natural Ant Baits

Prepare natural ant baits to lure and eradicate the ant colonies.

First bait: Mix 1 tablespoon of boric acid in 1¼ cup of sugar and then sprinkle it near the electrical appliances to lure them.

Second bait: To prepare the honey ant bait, mix 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, 0.5 teaspoons of borax and 2 tablespoons of honey. Place the bait near circuits or electric boxes to get rid of ants.

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is also an effective method to remove ants from small spaces. You can sprinkle borax or other dusts like corn starch near entry points of ants. Then vacuum up all the ants and dispose of the waste outside of your house.

Vinegar Spray

You can also prepare insecticide spray at home by mixing apple cider vinegar and water in equal parts (1:1). This spray can be applied near electrical outlets and installations. The smell of vinegar will help to get rid of ants. Use cotton or other cloth to absorb the excess spray.

Do not forget to switch off the electric power before any treatment!


Different types of ants, especially crazy ants are notorious for the infestation in electronic devices, appliances and installations. They can cause massive losses like circuit break down, wire damages or even have the ability to burn down your house in severe cases. Keep your home clean and seal all the cracks or crevices with Teflon, rubber or insulating tapes to eliminate the entry points of ants in the electronic appliances.

Eradication of ants in electronic appliances can be tricky and extremely dangerous if you do not have any knowledge about it. There is a need to take precautionary measures before the application of insecticides. Never forget to turn off the power before the treatment of the electric appliances with insecticides. Do not use liquid spray directly on the wires and sockets to avoid short circuits.

Several industrial-strength pesticides, products in the form of dust and baits are available commercially to eradicate the ant colonies. The application of baits is the most efficient method to control the infestations in electric appliances.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to deal with the ants in your electric devices. If you liked our content please keep following us for more pest-related content. Best of luck!

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