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A garage can be a place for stockpiling stuff that we rarely or never use, but it is, on the other hand, a place we need to keep clean because it is a shelter for our cars, bikes, and motorcycles. Most people use the garage as a storage room and we all know how messy it can become.

Sometimes “the creative mess” inside the garage can go out of hand, and our garage can become a mess that invites all sorts of pests and ants along with them. But there are several remedies for this nuisance, and in the rest of the article, you will learn how to combat these little pesty insects and remove them from your garage.

So, how to get rid of ants in the garage? Using ant baits has a high success rate as well as ant pesticides. If you don’t want to use anything toxic you can try some natural remedies.

What Can You Do to Get Rid of Ants in Your Garage

What Can You Do to Get Rid of Ants in Your Garage

Ant Pheromone Trails

After detecting the presence of ants, the first step should be to erase their pheromone trails, which will give you some time to act. You don’t always need to erase their trails right away. If you can find where they are coming from, after following their path, you can set ant traps on them, so ants will take the toxic bait back to their colony.

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Ant Killers (Bait or Spray)

The next step in the elimination of ants is to destroy their colonies. You can use ant bait or some other type of ant trap for that purpose. That way, you will be sure, even if you can’t find the colony’s location, that some of the ants will carry the poison to it, and in that way, the colony will be destroyed.

Most toxic baits and traps have a long-lasting effect, so with enough luck, the poisoned bait will be distributed along with several colonies. Using a Homeplus Ant Killer Bait is a good choice.

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If there are still ants roaming around, you probably have an ant nest or nest somewhere in the garage or nearby. Ants usually build nests in damp and cold areas. If your garage roof has a leak, that can be a good spot to start searching. Also, check for any spot that shows damage made by water. If you find a nest, you can spray it with some ant killer spray.

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Professional Ant Exterminator

When destroying nests, using a proven insecticide is a good choice. Just be sure that you read the instructions. If you are not sure you can conduct this job properly, it is better to contact the professionals. Unsafe usage of insecticide or other chemicals can be dangerous, so if you don’t have experience with it, or you are just unsure, leave it to the professionals.

Natural Remedies for Ants

You can use some nontoxic ant repellant based on peppermint and cinnamon, but if the infestation is out of hand, we recommend using proven chemical products. Yes, it is better to avoid using anything poisonous, but drastic measures must be applied in some cases.

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If you aren’t keen on DIY assignments, you can skip all these steps and hire professionals. They have the experience, knowledge, and tools to handle all kinds of infestations. The problem will be solved in the fastest and safest way possible.

What Should You Do If Your Garage Is Infested With Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are dangerous pests. They are similar to termites because they both can damage the wood. If you have some wooden construction in your garage, that can potentially lure carpenter ants. If that happens, you will see the droppings of these ants, called frass.

Frass is associated with insects that consume wood. If the infestation of carpenter ants is left untreated, they will continue to destroy any wood material they find, which can cause severe damage to your garage.

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Steps to Follow Ater the Ant Infestation Has Been Destroyed

When you or the professionals finally destroy the ant colonies and nests, you need to keep everything to prevent any infestations in the future. Sealing off all entry points to your garage would be a good idea. Check the walls and foundation for any cracks, both inside the garage and outside.

Checking windows is a must, and also do a special check on window sills. For these purposes, you can use caulk. Your garage door should be sealed with a weather seal that is properly seated. That way, your garage door will be secure, and no ants won’t be able to penetrate that.

Also, it would be good to keep the area around the garage clean. Remove any dead stumps nearby because ants are attracted to those. Actively clean firewood piles and leaves. This way, you will keep the area clear of moisture, and that way, ants will have one less reason to come anywhere near your garage.

Ways Of Preventing Ant Infestations In The Garage

Ways Of Preventing Ant Infestations In The Garage

Using a garage as a storage room or a workshop is common, and with that comes the pilling up of waste and garbage.

Ants are attracted to the mess and stored groceries. If you decide to keep supplies of groceries in your garage, be sure to limit it to canned food because if you keep large amounts of bagged sugar or similar products, given enough time, the ants will notice that. Ensure all your groceries are correctly stored and ants can’t reach them.

It is often seen that garages are full of piled-up stuff that no one uses. That can also attract ants searching for food or a place to build nests. Keeping it neat and clean is part of the solution.

Regular vacuuming is important because if ants already made their way into the garage, you will erase their pheromone trails. Using a good household cleaner after vacuuming is a big step toward stopping ants from entering your garage.

Clean any leftover food like crumbs or pet food because that can be enough of a trigger for ants to barge in. If you have water sources in your garage, like a pump, or faucets, check them for ants. A water pump is one of the spots ants often inhabit.

By cleaning food leftovers and water sources, you will leave ants without any water and food, and those are the two biggest reasons for them to live in your garage.

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Can Certain Types of Plants Attract an Ant Infestation?

Yes, some types of plants can somewhat attract ants. Try to avoid planting peonies and desert willows near your garage. Yes, they can look nice in your garden, but soon you will be swarmed with ants. Also, some weeds, like wild parsnip, are a magnet for ants. Keep looking for it and try to eradicate it as soon as possible because, like all weeds, they multiply fast.

Ant infestations in your garage can be a real pain because your home is in danger too. There are several ways to eradicate ants in your garage, from baits and traps to using full-scale insecticide on an ant colony. Be on the lookout for any ant nests, and check for leaks in your roof because ants love moist areas.

Try to resolve problems with ants as soon as possible. After you deal with your ant colony, keep your garage clean and neat, and check for possible entry points. Fix any cracks in the walls or foundation, and seal off all windows and garage doors.

If you are unsure how to battle the ants, call a professional exterminator because if the ant infestation goes out of hand, that can be a hell of a problem. They can contaminate your food and water supply, eat your wooden construction, and even move to your home, so resolving that problem as fast as possible is the best way to get rid of ants.

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