How to Keep Ants Out of Pet Food – Complete Guide

Having tiny little ants crawling around in your food is just gross unless you are into that kind of cuisine. Pets, especially cats may like to play around with some insects quite often but they seem to draw a line when they see something invading their food.

The problem originates with the pets themselves because they are messy eaters and will generally spill all-around their feeding area. Your pet’s enjoyable snack time is, unfortunately, the reason why ants will continually infest your floor and into their food.

There are various ways of keeping ants (click here to see what are the most common types of ants) away from your pet and certainly from your home. Always see what type of ant you have in the house, fire ants, for example, can present serious problems for pets. There are areas where it is harder to completely get rid of them because of the tropical climates, however, it is still possible to keep them away from your beloved pet and its food.

How exactly do you keep ants out of pet food? Various DIY methods can help with keeping ants out of pet food. One of them is buying or making your own food bowl water moat, the water around the food bowl drowns the ants before they can get to the food. Another effective way of keeping the ants away from the pet food is investing in an anti-ant bowl. This bowl is specifically designed to keep ants from climbing into the pet food.

Ant Exterminators

As noted above ants are attracted to the food crumbs left by your pet and so keeping the feeding area clean goes a long way into discouraging the pesky food invaders.

This article gives you more information on methods you can try in an effort to keep the ants away from your pet’s food. We have given you step by step instructions on how to make your own water moat if you do not wish to buy one. We also described a few more do-it-yourself methods used in the process of keeping ants away from pet food.

Each method has its benefits but some may be harmful to the pet if not well utilized. These methods are easy to try out as you will find that you already have most of the items described in your home. Let’s begin!

Clean Regularly the Feeding Area of Your Pets

Clean Regularly the Feeding Area of Your Pets

The first step into eliminating ants from your pets’ food is by cleaning up the area around it (prevention is the key). Ants are attracted to the crumbs that fall on the floor as you or your pets feed. To kill this problem, the first step is to eliminate the source.

Start by routinely cleaning the pet food bowl. This can be once every two days or better yet, once a day. Use pet-safe dish soap to ensure that your pet is protected from any potentially harmful soap chemicals.

After cleaning the dish, clean the floor (either clean the entire house or the area where the pet bowl resides). This should be done using the same pet-safe soap to kill the ant trail left earlier because the ants will just use the same trail to locate the pet bowl.

Another way to eliminate the ant trail is by use of lemon water or vinegar water. Basically, this requires you to add some lemon or vinegar to your cleaning water and wiping the floors with it. The scent throws off the ants and they are unable to locate the previously left trail.

Peppermint Oil Method

This method works wonders! Ants are led by their sense of smell and peppermint oil is just the right tool to use to disrupt their sense of smell.

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This essential oil is highly recommended if you want to keep all sorts of pests away from your home, be it cockroaches, spiders and you guessed it, ants as well. It should be noted that it doesn’t actually kill the ants, it just keeps them away. 

Take a tablespoon of pure peppermint oil and put it in a spray bottle and mix it with a cup of water. Use the mixture to wipe the surfaces and spray the mixture everywhere the ants have crawled over.

Optional but you can also choose to add some vinegar to the mixture which will only enhance it and keep those ants far away from your pet.

Warning: High amounts of pure peppermint oil are toxic to most pets and with that in mind, do not apply the peppermint oil mixture directly on the pets’ bowl. This is why it is important to dilute low amounts of peppermint oil with the water.

The mixture being used here is quite potent for the best results and with that in mind, it is wise to protect your pet by ensuring that there is no chance of it licking the treated surfaces.

DIY Method: Build a Food Bowl Water Moat

A water moat is a defense mechanism. Ancient castles used to dig a wide ditch around their castle walls which would then be filled with water. This was effective in keeping the enemies away because to get to the castle you would need to swim or die trying!

The same mechanism is used with the food bowl water moat. You can either buy one or you can build one yourself.

Required items: To do this, you need your pet food bowl, another bowl that is slightly bigger than your pet food bowl and some water.


  • Put some water in the bigger bowl and then place the pet food bowl (containing the pet food) inside it.
  • Ensure that the space between the food bowl and the water bowl isn’t big enough for the pet to drink from. This water can be mixed with safe oils that will make it harder for the ants to swim across.
  • Also, ensure that the water isn’t too high, that it risks getting into the pet food or pouring over once the bowl containing the food has been placed in.

This bowl method comes highly recommended by many pet owners but just in case it doesn’t work for you, the next method is sure to help.

Invest in an Anti-Ant Bowl

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you found something that just solves all the “ant in your pet food” problems at one go? There is something on the market that might be exactly what you are looking for. It assures its users that ants will never make their way into the bowl. Quite a confident statement, right?

Well, this anti-ant bowl or this one (always better to have more choices) don’t make fake promises. They deliver on the following:

  • No ants will ever make it into the bowl!
  • The bowl is dishwasher safe so you can just wash the dish every day without much ado, therefore, keeping up with the clean requirements we have mentioned earlier.
  • It comes fitted with a rubber base that prevents it from moving on the floor.

These anti-ant bowls are shaped in such a way that the ants can climb on the dish and they never actually make it into the pets’ meal.

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The one way to make sure that these bowls stay ant free is to ensure that they never end up leaning against the wall. If it leans against the wall, ants can easily climb on the wall and into the bowl. The rubber base mentioned above ensures that even your pet doesn’t push the bowl against the wall.

Disclaimer: We gave you two options because for some people in reviews ants were able to climb into the bowl. That is why you should decide on your own between these two. When we tested these they have worked perfectly.

Other Methods for Keeping Ants out of the Food for Pets

If for whatever reason you find yourself needing more ways for keeping the ants away from your pets’ food, then you can try the following methods.


Applying Vaseline around your pet’s feeding bowl/area is good for keeping the ants away. They wouldn’t manage to crawl over the sticky stuff and so this may be a method worth giving a shot. However, please note that it can get quite messy since the cat will/might smear it all over the floor, bowl, himself, etc.

This can be viewed as a short time solution as you prepare to invest in the more permanent solutions mentioned above.

Baby Talc Powder

Baby talc powder seems to have the same effect as the Vaseline. The only difference would be that the smell from it is what will keep the ants away.

This method should, however, be utilized with care because pets shouldn’t be put in a position where they are inhaling the talc powder. It may be harmful to your pet and thus should be handled with care.


Having ants crawl around in your pets’ food can make your pet stop feeding altogether. Well, maybe not entirely but the feeling will certainly get disrupted. Might your pet try getting rid of the ants himself?

Certainly, but that would mean having an end result that is more taxing in the cleaning process. This article gives you basic steps to be carried out as you try to eliminate ants from your home and most importantly from your pets’ food.

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