What Are the Natural Scents That Repel Chipmunks? | Information and Facts

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Chipmunks are little ground-dwelling rodents that can be a nuisance despite their attractive look. You’re probably wondering how to get chipmunks out of your area. Fortunately, there are various natural repellent methods available to help you keep this small rodent away.

What are the natural scents that repel chipmunks? Chipmunks, unlike humans, cannot stand the smells of certain vital oils such as peppermint, citrus, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. Furthermore, chipmunks despise the smell of garlic. By using these scents in your garden as a homemade chipmunk repellent, you will essentially get rid of the chipmunks and make them no longer want to visit that area.

Choose a repellent and apply it as advised as soon as you’ve discovered all of their preferred spots. To keep the outcome, it’s always essential to reapply for treatments. In this article, we’ll discuss which odors and strategies work best to keep chipmunks out of any area.

Are Chipmunks Friendly to Humans?

Are Chipmunks Friendly to Humans

They are cute, but they are also dangerous. Despite their innocent appearance, chipmunks are like other rodents. They carry various diseases, so their presence brings a risk of infection for you and your family. 

Chipmunks would run away rather than bite. It is not an aggressive rodent, it defends itself when they feel threatened, and you might get a bite or scratch if you attempt to catch it.

Most chipmunks dislike being touched and do not build strong ties with humans. A chipmunk may be destructive outside its habitat, chewing on cords, furniture, and other valuables.

What Repels Chipmunks in the Garden?

What Repels Chipmunks in the Garden

Chipmunks can be persistent and resourceful in pursuing their goals, but you can ensure that they don’t destroy your garden with a bit of trial and error.

Here are the four peaceful solutions to keep them at bay:

  1. Add some heat. A non-toxic technique to keep chipmunks away from your garden is to sprinkle cayenne, chili powder, or other spicy items around it. Gardeners have also reported success with a heavy dusting of medicinal powder to repel chipmunks.
  1. Trap them. If you only have a few critters to deal with, utilizing a live chipmunk trap  and then releasing the rodents far away from your home can be an excellent method to get them out of your garden.
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  1. Fence them out. Fences are an efficient way to keep them out. Dug at least 6 inches underground and tall enough will be challenging to climb and prevent the rodents, primarily when used with other methods. Adding netting to the top and sides of the fence will make it more difficult for rodents to get through.
  1. Bring in a predator. A fake predator can scare chipmunks away, such as a motion-activated owl . You can also buy a spray product from predatory animals’ urine, such as red foxes and cats. The odor will alert chipmunks that they are in danger, and they will leave.
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How to Repel Chipmunks Naturally?

Chipmunks rely significantly upon their smell, and fortunately, they can’t withstand strong odors. 

Spraying is a widely used natural chipmunk repellent and one of the most effective methods of keeping chipmunks away from the house. Combine cayenne pepper and water in a spray container and shake well, and spray in locations where you have a pest problem.

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How to Use Garlic to Repel Chipmunks?

Garlic is highly unpleasant to chipmunks, so plant garlic bulbs in areas of your garden that are frequently attacked. It is also possible to make an irritant liquid repellant.

To make a garlic repellent, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: In a plastic sprinkler bottle, prepare a 2 tbsp garlic powder solution and 1/4 gallon of water. 

Step 2: Shake the bottle and sprinkle it around your yard and garden. Chipmunks hate the smell of garlic, and they’re going to stay away. 

Step 3: After heavy rain, reapply the garlic solution.

Does Cayenne Pepper Repel Chipmunks?

If you want to learn how to keep chipmunks away, making a cayenne pepper chipmunk repellent is a great place to start. 

Mix a pinch of cayenne in a spray bottle with water and shake it well. Spray this mixture to the backyard, garden, and other locations where chipmunks gather. This solution will not only keep chipmunks away, but it may also help with other pest control.

Naturally, this will not be a lasting solution because chili powder will surely wash away in the rain. However, it’s important to remember how useful it can be when you’re just trying to keep chipmunks out of your area.

Will Vinegar Repel Chipmunks?

The strong scent of apple cider vinegar repels chipmunks. You can spray your area with apple cider vinegar. It is available at any grocery store. When sprayed directly on plants or flower pots, it causes no harm.

Will Epsom Salt Deter Chipmunks?

Epsom salt is currently being used to deter garden pests. It can increase flower production, aid seed germination, improve phosphate and nitrogen intake, increase chlorophyll production, and increase plant thickness. 

Sprinkle Epsom salt on the plants. It not only keeps rodents, such as chipmunks and rabbits, at bay, but it also aids in the growth of your plant.

Does Cedar Mulch Repel Chipmunks?

Cedar mulch’s distinctive and pleasant earthy smell is its strength in combating unwanted bugs, snakes, and rodents like chipmunks. Aromatic hydrocarbons (phenols) and acids are emitted by the wood, which acts as natural insecticides.

When mice and other rodents come into contact with cedar mulch, chips, or shavings, harmful phenols are inhaled and absorbed by the lung’s body bloodstream, causing lethal liver damage. The acids emitted by cedar mulch are harmful to the animals’ lungs and trachea.

Mint Oil to Repel Chipmunks

Peppermint essential oil is an effective no-kill method of getting rid of a chipmunk infestation. You can sprinkle your plants and flowers with water and spray them with peppermint oil to prevent chipmunks from staying around the garden.

Do Coffee Grounds Repel Chipmunks?

People like coffee, but most animals dislike its scent or taste, while it is suitable for plants because it’s excellent compost. 

You can sprinkle your garden and between your plants with used coffee fields. Because the majority of rodents live near the ground, coffee grinds can act as an effective barrier.

What Plant Does Chipmunks Avoid?

What Plant Does Chipmunks Avoid

Chipmunks are irritated by strong scents. Therefore, plants with strong odors, such as garlic, marigolds, and aromatic herbs, are good alternatives. Chipmunks will be scared away by these, and insects and pests will be scared away as well.

Some of the plants that can deter chipmunks are as follows:

  • Marigolds: The aromatic leaves of marigolds contain substances known as terpenes, which repel chipmunks. They’re also plants that keep deer off your lawn. You can combine this short plant with other brightly colored plants in front of a border or along the perimeter of your yard.
  • Cinnamon: Chipmunks don’t like the smell of cinnamon. The presence of that odor deters chipmunks, which have a sensitive nose. You can use ground cinnamon to sprinkle on the ground or make a cinnamon spray to use around your area.
  • Daffodils: Chipmunks are repelled by lycorine, a chemical found in daffodils. It’s important to know that this popular plant is toxic to pets, and its sap can cause skin irritation, which is why it’s one of the most delicate plants for keeping chipmunks away.
  • Hyacinth: Chipmunks aren’t fond of all flower bulbs. As a result, one method is to plant bulbs that they avoid, such as hyacinths. Although hyacinths do not contain poison, chipmunks dislike them and tend to avoid them.
  • Onions: The potent odor of onions repels chipmunks, keeping them out of flower pots and gardens. Just be careful with that, because onions are harmful to both cats and dogs.

On the other hand, citronella is an exception. Citronella is effective in repelling a mosquito. It is also found helpful in deterring insects such as flies, ticks, and ants. But there are no reports or studies that citronella can repel chipmunks.

Does Juicy Fruit Gum Get Rid of Chipmunks? 

Does Juicy Fruit Gum Get Rid of Chipmunks

Putting juicy fruit gum pieces in their burrows is one technique to get rid of them. 

The gum should not be chewed, and you should not touch it with your hands. Remove a few pieces of gum from the wrapper while wearing gloves. The chipmunks will be disgusted by the aroma of the gum if it is placed near the chipmunks’ burrows.

Does Human Urine Repel Chipmunks?

Urine has a significant repelling effect. Pour the urine at a location that you want them to avoid.

Urine includes ammonia, which has a powerful odor. By soaking some rags in ammonia and carefully spreading them around your yard, you can try to prevent a raccoon from hanging around your garden.

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