How To Get Rid of Spider Eggs? | A Complete Guide

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The sight of spider eggs might not be as frightening as that of fully grown, potentially venomous spiders. However, failure to get rid of the tiny yet seemingly harmless spider eggs can lead to a full-blown infestation – and you don’t want that! So how can you get rid of spider eggs? 

How to get rid of spider eggs? To get rid of spider eggs, you can use pesticides (preferably oil-based) to break the webbing. Alternatively, you can choose to go the organic way and introduce other critters like lizards to feed on the eggs. A vacuum cleaner and a bleach solution will also get rid of spider eggs. 

Curious to learn more about spider eggs and how to effectively eliminate them? If so, then you’ll find this article useful. Read on for an in-depth discussion on proven ways to get rid of spider eggs and prevent a potential infestation. 

Spider Egg Sac Identification

Spider Egg Sac Identification

It’s important to identify what kind of spider has left an egg sac, particularly if it turns out it’s a poisonous type. If you determine that eggs sacs are of a venomous spider, it’s best to call a professional to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

What Do Spider Eggs Look Like?

What spider eggs look like tends to vary depending on species, but they usually have a creamy white color and are characterized by their tiny, circular shape and are often bundled in white or tan egg sacs. Their extra tiny sizes make them hard to spot, but the sac bundles are more easily identified.

When Do Spider Eggs Hatch?

When Do Spider Eggs Hatch

When spider eggs hatch is primarily determined by the species of the mother. On most occasions, spiders hatch as the weather gets warmer. Although, spiders like hobos tend to lay eggs between September and October, while brown recluse females tend to lay eggs mid-year.  

How Long Does It Take for Spider Eggs To Hatch?

It doesn’t take too long for spider eggs to hatch. Typically, these eggs take approximately 14-21 days (2-3 weeks) to hatch. The variations mostly depend on species. For instance, black widow spiders tend to hatch in slightly less than 2.5 weeks, and you’ll need to act fast to avoid an infestation. 

How Many Eggs Can a Spider Lay?

How many eggs a female spider can lay greatly hinges on the species. For instance, a black widow spider will lay from 100 to 500 eggs at one time. Species like Tarantulas tend to lay between 500-1000 eggs at a go, which helps increase the chances of the eggs hatching into spiderlings. 

How Many Spiders Are in a Spider Egg?

A spider egg contains a single spider but how many spiders hatch is based on the number of eggs in a sac. The number of spiders can vary from 150 to even 1000 depending on the type of spider in the discussion. This means that a tarantula’s sac of 1000 eggs will have 1000 baby spiders waiting to hatch. 

How To Kill Spider Eggs Step-by-Step Instructions

There are many ways to kill spider eggs before they hatch. Below is a brief description of two popular techniques to eliminate spider eggs: using a vacuum cleaner and using insecticides. 

How To Kill Spider Eggs Using a Vacuum Cleaner?

Identify the Egg Sac

Identify the Egg Sac

When looking to kill spider eggs using a vacuum cleaner, it’s important to first examine the web and egg sac to determine whether or not it’s a spider sac. Wear protective clothing if you suspect you’re dealing with venomous spiders. 

Vacuum the Eggs and Nearby Areas To Remove All Webs

When vacuuming the spider eggs, it’s important to target all cobwebs, not just those with egg sacs. Place extra focus on corners and cracks, and carefully check all areas to ensure you don’t miss any potential hiding place. 

Carefully Empty the Vacuum Bag 

If you’re using a non-disposable vacuum bag, empty the contents in a trash bag before sealing and throwing it away. It’s always best to throw the spider eggs far away or freeze the bag first to kill the eggs, especially if you’re likely dealing with venomous spiders. Either way, you shouldn’t throw the trash in your garbage bin lest they end up hatching and infesting your home. 

How To Kill Spider Eggs Using Pesticides?

Use Quality Oil-Based Pesticides 

Using pesticides is another great way to deal with spider eggs, especially if they aren’t in a spot where you can use a vacuum or you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. And since spider egg sacs are usually water-repellent, you should try as much as possible to avoid using water-based products. 

Consider using effective pesticides from Amazon like Miss Muffet’s Revenge Spider Killer, which is known to instantly kill spiders and keep them away for up to a year. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and observe the recommended safety measures. 

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Spray the Cobwebs and Egg Sacks Directly 

You should always have a rough idea of the target areas before you start with the actual spraying. This will not only increase your efficiency but will also ensure you don’t end up using more pesticides than needed. 

When spraying, target the cobwebs and spray the egg sacks directly to destroy the eggs. Don’t leave out any cobwebs and spray a generous amount. You should consider outsourcing to professionals if you’re dealing with venomous spiders. 

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Clean Up After Spraying

Once you’ve given the pesticide enough time to dry and effectively eliminate the spider eggs, you should clean the sprayed areas, especially if you have children and pets around. However, you shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to clean up the pesticide until you’re certain it has worked as expected. 

Best Way To Remove Spider Egg Sack

Vacuuming is the best non-chemical way to remove spider egg sacs. Using the hose attachment, aim the spider web (and egg sack), vacuuming until the webs are completely removed. Ensure that you seal the trash bag and dispose of the contents outside, preferably in a trash can that’s far from your house. 

How To Get Rid of Black Widow Spider Egg Sacs

How To Get Rid of Black Widow Spider Egg Sacs

Some of the ways to get rid of black widow spider egg sacs is through vacuuming, spraying insecticides, using bleach, and introducing other pests to consume the eggs. Remember to wear protective clothing when removing spider webs and egg sacs as the mother is never too far away from her eggs. 

How Do You Kill Spider Eggs in Some Specific Places?

You can kill a spider in some specific places, like in the home, the garage, or on plants, by using a vacuum cleaner or spraying pesticides around the infested area. Alternatively, you can introduce natural predators of the spider, such as lizards, into the environment. 

How To Get Rid of Spider Eggs in Home? 

How To Get Rid of Spider Eggs in Home

The best way to get rid of spider eggs inside your home is by using a vacuum cleaner. Target the areas, more specifically corners and cracks with spider webs and egg sacs. Ensure you clean the floors and place the contents in a well-sealed bag before throwing them out. 

How To Get Rid of Spider Eggs in Garage?

To get rid of spider eggs in a garage setting, you can use either a vacuum cleaner, a bleach solution, or a pesticide. Pesticides will be more effective in reaching the hard-to-vacuum areas. Ensure the room is well aerated when spraying pesticides to avoid inhaling potentially toxic fumes. 

How To Get Rid of Spider Eggs on Plants? 

Get rid of spider eggs on plants safely by using organic methods to avoid contaminating your plants. You may also consider using a vacuum cleaner (if the plant is in a vacuumable area) or introducing lizards, or other creatures known to prey on spiders and their eggs in the soil. 

How To Get Rid of Spider Eggs on Window?

How To Get Rid of Spider Eggs on Window

Easily get rid of spider eggs on a window by spraying pesticides directly on the eggs and the webs – just remember to leave the windows open for proper aeration once you’re finished. You may also consider vacuuming the window areas to remove all cobwebs and egg sacs that might be around. 

How To Get Rid of Spider Egg Sacs Outside? 

It is advised to get rid of spider egg sacs located outside with pesticides. Or, you can introduce lizards to your garden to control the overall spider numbers if you constantly have to contend with spider infestations. A third option is to use bleach to get rid of spider eggs.

What Kills Spider Eggs? Best Products To Use

There are several options available to kill spider eggs, though the best products will act quickly. You may also find one product better than another based on the type of spider or how bad of an infestation you have. 

Will Bleach Kill Spider Eggs?

Bleach will kill spiders and spider eggs, as it’s a highly effective alternative to pesticides. When using bleach, dilute it in water before spraying the egg sacs and webs directly. Consider products like Clorox Clean-Up Disinfectant Bleach Spray from Amazon with an easy-to-use spray bottle. 

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Does Bug Spray Kill Spider Eggs?

Bug spray does kill spider eggs. It’s an effective solution to infestations and egg elimination when sprayed directly on the spiders and the egg sacs. It’s best to use a fast-acting bug spray, like the Terro Stink Bug Killer Aerosol Spray, which kills spiders and their eggs in minutes. 

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How To Kill Spider Eggs Naturally

Besides vacuuming egg sacs, you can also kill spider eggs naturally by introducing other pests that prey on spiders (and their eggs) like lizards. Other natural means include using essential oils like peppermint, lemon, and tea tree oils. 

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