Bed Bugs on Walls Can Bed Bugs Live in Walls

Bed Bugs on Walls: Can Bed Bugs Live in Walls?

Yes, they can, basically if your wall has crevices and cracks that can fit a business card, then it is also a potential home for a bed bug. Walls have all sorts of appliances next to it and also different defects. A defect here stands for cracks in the wall, peeling wallpaper, loose sockets, broken baseboards, etc.

Bed Bugs in Pillows Can Bed Bugs Live in Pillows

Bed Bugs in Pillows: Can Bed Bugs Live in Pillows?

No, bed bugs usually won’t live in pillows but will occasionally stay there. Sure, you might see bed bugs in your pillow when you manage your bedding but chances of them hiding there instead of your mattress are pretty low. However, underneath your pillow, that place is something that bed bugs love – the darkness and the close distance to the host, e.g. you.

Bed Bugs in Wood Can Bed Bugs Live in Wood

Bed Bugs in Wood: Can Bed Bugs Live in Wood?

The answer is yes, bed bugs can live in wood but they can’t burrow in wood. For example, if a certain piece of wooden furniture has a hole in it, bed bugs can use it to hide inside. Still, they always prefer to live in your mattress or bedding, rather than living in the wood.

Bed Bugs and Dogs Do Bed Bugs Bite Dogs

Bed Bugs and Dogs: Do Bed Bugs Bite Dogs?

Yes, bed bugs can also bite dogs although they prefer biting and feeding of humans. When it comes to blood, bed bugs aren’t meticulous drinkers and they can feed on any prey out there as long as it has blood.