How to Get Rid of Bird Mites? | A Complete Guide

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Although bird mites tend to stick with animals, they may find their way inside your house. If it happens, these mites bite you and irritate your skin. You’ll experience discomfort and inconvenience.

Hence, how to get rid of bird mites? If ever you are bothered by these pests, here are things that you can do:

  • Take an empty nest or dead bird outside of your house if you find either of them. To hinder the number of bird mites from increasing in your house, spray effective insecticides. 
  • You may avail pest control service. 

You can use a wet cloth to wipe these mites. When you opt for vacuuming them, throw the cleaning bag right away to ensure that they won’t stay behind. There are several ways on how to get rid of bird mites. 

But, are there ways to recognize their presence aside from uncontrollable itch and some sleepless nights? You’ll know more than just how to get rid of bird mites if you keep on reading.

What Are Bird Mites?

What are Bird Mites

Bird mites are most active in spring until early summer. They feed on the skin of domestic and wild fowls alike. Moreover, they may attempt to survive on the human host, but they can’t reproduce.

Those who work on farms have a high risk of catching bird mites. These people are oftentimes mingling with ducks, turkeys, geese, and poultry.

These mites are active at night until early morning, so you’ll likely wake up with more bites every morning. They don’t cause a serious threat to your health but rather an inconvenience.

When they bite a human, the itchiness is manageable during the day. Things get worse at night because the ticklish feeling intensifies.

Furthermore, bird mites don’t like the dry environment of an air-conditioned room. They’ll just go away even if you do nothing.

What Do Bird Mites Look Like?

It’s hard to identify bird mites in a single glance as they’re tiny. Of course, they are visible to naked eyes based on their mature form of 1/32” long and with eight legs. They have flat, oval bodies covered with short hair. The juvenile ones have only six legs.

The color of a bird mite is based on what it feeds. When it has not eaten anything, it’s translucent white. Normally, it becomes red after consuming blood. As digestion follows, it turns black or gray.

Are Bird Mites Contagious?

Bird mites are not contagious because they technically spread from birds to humans. They just bite humans, and they can’t make them as hosts. Human blood is not viable for production and survival.

Even though bird mites sustain their needs through the host’s flesh, diseases are not transmissible from bird to bird or from bird to other animals or humans.

What Do Bird Mite Bites Look Like?

Bird mite bites are not different from other insect bites. They appear as small, red bumps.

Where Do Bird Mites Live?

Are Bird Mites Contagious

Bird mites are common in the US and the rest of North America. Wild fowls build their nests where mites live on human-made buildings such as schools, houses, and factories.

Specifically, the nests are situated in roof spaces, wall cavities, basements, and foundations, on window ledges, and around chimneys, eaves, and porches. So, these mites are likely to be found in these places.

When hosts like chickens, sparrows, starlings, and pigeons die or their offspring leave the nest, a group of bird mites proceeds to migrate. Migration for bird mites means entering a house through gaps of window or door frames and attic spaces.

This is likely to occur when birds create nests near a house. Another way that bird mites enter the house is through an infected pet bird. They love warm and humid areas.

Can Bird Mites Live on Humans?

Bird mites can live on humans but not for too long. They will only migrate in search of food after the host leaves the nest. So they go to houses and bite people but fail to reproduce through human blood. Thus, the survival rate is zero.

Can Bird Mites Live on Dogs?

Bird mites can live on dogs. They’re adaptable and live in mammals including dogs.

What Kills Bird Mites?

Clean up first before killing bird mites. Start with vacuuming furniture, carpets, curtains, and rugs thoroughly. If you use a plastic container, wash it with hot water and soap. You may also put the canister in the freezer to kill the mites.

When you have a plastic bag, discard it immediately. Wash used beddings and clothing, then dry them in high heat.

Spray disinfectants and pesticides like Bioadvanced  and Ortho  after the clean-up.

Does Alcohol Kill Bird Mites?

Alcohol can kill bird mites. In the study of bird mite infestation strategy, you can mix it with vinegar, orange oil, and diluted bleach solution. Soak a mop or cloth in the solution to apply on the floor and other surfaces.

Does Lysol Kill Bird Mites?

Lysol kills bird mites. It’s handy since you can spray it once you see a bird mite.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Kill Bird Mites?

Apple cider vinegar can kill bird mites. Some drench their hair with apple cider vinegar. As they continue to comb their hair, killed bird mites show up.

How Do You Get Rid of Bird Mites Naturally?

How Do You Get Rid of Bird Mites Naturally

Here are the natural ways to get rid of bird mites:

  • Following frequent cleaning, vacuuming, or dusting schedule.
  • Using an air purifier.
  • Washing beddings in hot water every week.
  • Lower the temperature and humidity in your house.
  • Leave your floor bare without carpet.

How to Kill Bird Mites on Skin?

Here are the measures that you have to follow in killing bird mites on the skin:

  • Scrub your skin with a loofah and lotion when taking a shower.
  • Use a coal tar body wash or shampoo once or twice a day.
  • A few drops of bleach in your bathwater also help.

How to Kill Red Mites on Birds?

To kill red mites on birds, start with assessing the level of infestation in your farm or area. Wash your place with a detergent and let it dry.

The next that you can do is to disinfect. Choose a foaming agent like Scrubbing Bubbles  and Kaboom Foam Tastic  to adhere to crevices and cracks.

Parasiticide can be given to each bird to kill red mites. But it should be done by a licensed veterinarian.

There are seven days between the necessary two treatments. Each dose is calculated based on the bird’s weight. They are administered through drinking water. 

How to Kill Bird Mites on Dogs?

You can get medications with a prescription to kill bird mites on your dogs. The effective ones are Thiabendazole, Mitaban, and Amitraz.

Nonetheless, you can use the lime-sulfur dip  as a safe alternative that doesn’t need a prescription. You may also get a dog shampoo from Veterinary Formula  to kill the mites. 

How to Get Rid of Bird Mite Infestation?

Use an insecticide that can get rid of bird mites. An example of an effective formulation is Sterifab , as it’s recommended for indoor use.

You’re also free to hire a registered pest controller when there’s a large infestation or the nests are hard to reach. 

How to Get Rid of Bird Mites on Clothes?

You can get rid of bird mites on clothes by washing with detergent and bleach. Then, you have to dry them under a high heat setting.

What Temperature Kills Bird Mites?

What Temperature Kills Bird Mites

Applying heat is one of the most effective methods in killing bird mites. You’ll need powerful air heaters that can deliver air circulation for hours.

The temperature should be around 55 to 60. It destroys the protein that sustains bird mites, so they will end up dying.

How to Use Bird Mite Spray?

Lysol or homemade spray against bird mites can be directly used on clothes, beddings, curtains, carpets, and areas of bird mite infestation.

How Do Birds Get Mites?

How Do Birds Get Mites

Mites like to live under the feathers of the birds as they thrive in the warmth. Thus, they live in bird’s nests too.  

Do Bird Mites Die in Winter?

Not all bird mites die in winter. The population of these pests consists of adults, larvae, and eggs. Although adults die under freezing temperatures, the eggs, and the young ones continue to live and breed.


There are many methods on how to get rid of bird mites. You have to take a bath thoroughly once you’ve found out they stick to your body. Spray Lysol or the appropriate formula to quickly eliminate mites on surfaces and clothing.

When completely getting rid of them, clean the area first before applying insecticide, or at some point, you need to hire a pest control professional.

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