9 Best Lizard Repellents That Actually Work | A Detailed Guide

Written by Thomas Matthews

Although they may be considered beneficial for homes as they prey on a variety of insects, their presence can get a little uncomfortable for people—especially when you see them climbing on walls, making sounds, or simply lurking in dark corners. They’re also quite difficult to catch as they easily scurry when they detect motion or vibrations.

So, what is the best lizard repellent that works? We curated a list of the best choices in the market just for you:

To know more about their product features, effectiveness, how to use them, their product dimensions, and other interesting information, keep reading this article!

Lizard Repellents | Our Top Picks

Lizard Repellents - Our Top Picks

BioAdvanced Concentrate Yard Insecticide

BioAdvanced Complete Insect Killer for Soil and Turf, Concentrate, 40 oz
  • INSECT KILLER: Army worm killer and kills other listed surface...
  • 3 MONTH PROTECTION: Kills listed soil insects for up to 3 months
  • USE ON: Soil and turf lawns and around the home
  • PLUS MOSQUITO KILLER: Kills mosquitoes in addition to 30 other...
  • COVERAGE AREA: Treats up to 6,667 square feet

This is a multi-insect killer effective against surface insects such as ticks, ants, and grubs. It can also efficiently repel or kill lizards and can offer up to 3 months of protection. 

This product contains 0.72% Imidacloprid, which can cause endocrine problems for lizards. It also has 0.36% Beta-cyfluthrin, which causes a lethal reaction to lizards, specifically by causing oxidative damage to their livers. Once the lizards come in contact with this insecticide, they are bound to be affected thoroughly.

To apply, dilute 1 tablespoon per gallon of water, then either pour or spray onto lawns, building foundations, and areas in your homes that are frequently visited by lizards. Make sure to keep your pets and children out of reach from this insecticide. You can use up to 80 gallons when used as a spray solution as it covers 6,667 square feet of area.

Product dimensions: 40 fluid ounces of liquid volume, with an item weight of 2 pounds

Exterminators Choice Lizard Defense Spray

Exterminators Choice Lizard Defense Spray | 32 Ounce | Natural, Non-Toxic Lizard Repellent, Home Extermination Spray | Quick, Easy Pest Control | Safe Around Kids & Pets
  • Natural, non-toxic, and effective lizard repellent for outdoors...
  • Specially formulated to repel without causing any harm to small...
  • The premium formula of lizard repellent spray can repel these...
  • Lizard defense repellent spray is the first truly effective,...
  • Harness the expertise of professional exterminators with our...

If you’re looking for a natural but effective lizard repellent that has no toxic chemicals and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this is the ideal product for you. A bonus is that it also repels other pesky pests in your gardens, lawns, and yards.

The key ingredients of this product are essential oils that lizards hate–0.26% peppermint oil, 0.13% clove oil, and 0.13% cinnamon oil. It can repel a variety of species, such as horned lizards, anoles, and green iguanas.

Before using, wear any protective gear for your eyes, then simply spray onto areas frequently visited by lizards. Ensure the area is clean and free from any potential food sources, as even if the lizard repellent is in use, they can simply endure the smell long enough for them to grab food.

Product dimensions: 32 fluid ounces of liquid volume with an item weight of 2.09 pounds

Iguana Rid Ready to Use Manual Pest Spray Bottle

Iguana Rid Ready to Use Manual Pest Spray Bottle, 32 Ounce
  • 100% natural and organic pest and animal deterrent
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Easy and ready to use
  • Deters almost every type of animal and garden pest

Also deemed safe for humans, pets, birds, and the environment, this pest spray is made out of natural ingredients that can solve your lizard and iguana problems with just the spritzes of this product. Not only does it repel lizards, but it can also protect your home, valuables, and landscapes from frogs and toads, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, deer, and even pesky insects.

This spray is formulated with garlic, cinnamon oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, citric acid, and water, resulting in a strong potent odor perfect for repelling almost any animal and bug. 

Before using, shake the spray bottle well to properly spread the product. Afterward, spray in areas where lizards are usually seen or in areas that have lizard evidence, such as chewed plants, droppings, and claw marks. The manufacturer recommends a reapplication every 30 days to make sure lizards won’t come back.

Product dimensions: 32 ounces of liquid volume, with an item eight of 2.14 pounds

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Plug-in Indoor Pest Repellent

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Electronic Mice Repellent Indoor, Pest Repellent Ultrasonic Plug in for Mice, Roach, Spiders, Ants, Flies, Bugs, White
  • DRIVING OUT PESTS FROM YOUR HOME : Our mouse repellent uses state...
  • EASY TO USE : Simply plug our rodent repellent in the outlet,...
  • LARGE COVERAGE AREA : Our ant traps indoor is effective for an...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY :Forget the harmful chemicals, poisons, and traps...
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE ASSURANCE: Our rat repellent for house is...

If you don’t want to use any liquid formulas as lizard deterrents for fear of getting hurt or using them in areas that your pets and children can easily reach, this electronic repellent is the best option for you. 

A great product feature is that it’s portable. Just simply plug it in anywhere you want to repel pests, such as in homes, offices, schools, warehouses, restaurants, barns, and garages, and you would be good to go! 

It uses a variety of low-frequency ultrasonic waves to cover 80 to 120 square meters of area. However, it can’t penetrate through walls, so you would need one product installed per room. The product has three settings depending on the severity of the infestation: green for slight, blue for normal, and red for heavy infestations.

Product dimensions: 4.7″ (length) x 3.3″ (width) x 2.3″ (height), with an item weight of 0.2 pounds

BONIDE PRODUCTS INC (BND2361) Animal Repellent Granules

Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent Granules, 3 lbs. Ready-to-Use Deer & Rabbit Repellent, Deter Pests from Lawn & Garden
  • STRONG REPELLER - This unique blend of ingredients causes mild...
  • ANIMALS AFFECTED - Our granules repel species of squirrel, deer,...
  • DEFEND YOUR GARDEN AND HOME - Apply around homes, gardens,...
  • BIODEGRADABLE - Repels-All granules are biodegradable and will...

It is a granular repellent that is biodegradable and safe for flower beds and other desirable plants, as well as small harmless animals. This product mildly attacks the nasal passages of lizards to irritate and force them to leave or escape the smell, thereby effectively repelling them from areas they have infested.

The active ingredients are 1.12% putrescent whole egg solids, 0.54% cloves, and 0.03% garlic oil. Other animals the product can repel are squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, raccoons, skunks, shrews, and rats.

For best results, sprinkle some product around the desired areas of treatment, such as around homes, in garbage cans, decks, sheds, patios, woodpiles, barns, campsites, and even swimming pools. Afterward, lightly water the granules. Make sure to reapply every 2 weeks for added effectiveness.

Product dimensions: 7.3″ (length) x 3.5″ (width) x 11″ (height), with an item weight of 3.1 pounds

BuyBlocker 705105111131 Blocker All Natural Lizard Repellent

BuyBlocker 705105111131 Natural Lizard Blocker, 4-Pound, Beige
  • Unique blend of ingredients trigger escape/avoidance behavior in...
  • Lizards find the product unpleasant which triggers a natural...
  • Product does not harm lizards nor is it harmful to children or...
  • Product is biodegradable and does not harm lawns and gardens when...
  • The product is long lasting

Another biodegradable lizard repellent for all you granule enthusiasts out there. Not only is it safe to use around your kids and pets, but it is also rain-resistant which makes it extra effective for a longer period of time. 

The product’s active ingredients are 2% cedar oil, 0.65% cinnamon oil, and 0.35% clove oil. The manufacturer emphasizes that this repellent is 100% free of naphthalene, which is commonly used in other reptile-repellent products.

To use, sprinkle a 4 to 6-inch wide band on or around areas, which are frequently visited by lizards. You don’t have to cover the area completely, a light sprinkle is enough. Make sure not to water after applying as it works completely fine without any moisture. Finally, reapply every 2-6 weeks, depending on how long it lasts.

Product dimensions: 6.5″ (length) x 3.5″ (width), 10.5″ (height), with an item weight of 4.2 pounds

Natural Armor Lizard & Gecko Repellent Spray

Natural Armor Lizard & Gecko Repellent Spray - Powerful Peppermint Formulation Repels All Types of Lizards & Geckos and Works Better Than Ultrasonic Gimmicks – 128 fl oz - Gallon Ready to Use
  • GETS RID OF and KEEPS AWAY All Types Of Lizards & Geckos From...
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE - For Indoor Applications Use Inside Your...
  • EASY TO USE JUST SHAKE AND SPRAY - Comes With Comfortable Heavy...

Keeping all species of lizards and geckos away from unwanted areas such as driveways, sidewalks, plants, sheds, patios, porches, garages, and gardens has never been easier with using this powerful, all-natural product that’s formulated with peppermint oil as the active ingredient.

This product comes with a heavy-duty trigger sprayer for easy application and easily covers about 1,000 square feet of area. Once applied to the desired places, the repelling effect can last up to 90 days and remains waterproof during that period. Make sure to apply generously to keep all those pests away.

One disadvantage to using this spray is that after a certain amount of time has passed, the lizards may grow accustomed to the smell. This is why it’s highly encouraged to try out other products on this list when the time comes.

Product dimensions: 12.24″ (length) x 8.15″ (width) x 6.69″ (height), with an item weight of 8.07 pounds


No products found.

Although this product is intended for snakes, it can also be effectively used against lizards, iguanas, and other outdoor pests since the natural ingredients used for its formulation triggers the reptiles’ escapist and avoidance behavior without causing any real harm. 

The active ingredients are 3.1% cedarwood oil, 0.6% cinnamon oil, and 0.3% clove oil, which are ideal for repelling lizards. Even if these are generally safe, please keep children and pets out of reach.

Simply sprinkle lightly a 6 to 8-inch wide band of these granules on areas that are infested with lizards or areas you want to protect against potential infestations. Reapply after 2 weeks if there are no reptiles in the applied area or after heavy rains. Remember not to apply with water!

Product dimensions: 2.8″ (length) x 3.3″ (width) x 11″ (height), with an item weight of 1.5 pounds

MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Repeller

MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Humane Mice Control Electronic Insect Repellent Reject Rodent Bed Bug Spider Rat Defender Home Animal Plug in 2 Pack
  • How It Works: The patented system sends ultrasound to disorient...
  • Kids and Pets Safe: Ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans and...
  • Designed to Last 3-5 Years: The product can be used for a little...
  • Easy to Use: Just plug in the ultrasonic pest repellent and it...
  • Occurs within 2-3 Weeks: It's normal that the pests will increase...

This electronic repellent works by using ultrasound waves to confuse and disturb lizards, rodents, and pesky insects in areas where the product is positioned so that they are discouraged from feeding or nesting near or at those places. 

An ideal product perfect for homeowners that want an environmentally-friendly option and don’t use any traps, poisons, or toxic chemicals, as well as a humane way of repelling lizards. The waves are also inaudible to humans and pets, so they won’t interfere with your daily lives.

To use, simply plug in the product, and it will immediately emit high-frequency ultrasound waves. It covers 1,200 square feet for 1 product. However, it’s best used in average-sized areas for the waves to travel more efficiently. Results can be seen in just 2 to 3 weeks!

Product dimensions: 2.2″ (length) x 1″ (width) x 3.5″ (height), with an item weight of 4.16 ounces

What Smell Do Lizards Hate?

  • Essential oils such as citronella oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, clove oil, and garlic oil are all scents that lizards hate. They repel by masking attractive scents in their surroundings, such as food or potential food sources, making it also harder for lizards and other pests to forage.
  • Vinegar has a pungent odor that lizards hate, even in its diluted form. This is usually used in addition to other scents that lizards hate to increase their potency.
  • Onion and garlic also have powerful smells that lizards would naturally hate.
  • Capsaicin found in peppers is also an effective repellent because it irritates both the nasal passages and the skin of lizards. Hence, they naturally avoid it.

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Do Mothballs Keep Lizards Away?

Do Mothballs Keep Lizards Away

Mothballs can keep lizards away, but it is not advised to be used as a repellent as it can be toxic to humans and other pets when inhaled or ingested. The smell of mothballs, particularly of its component naphthalene, will distract lizards and force them to leave the areas they have infested.

Will Vinegar Get Rid of Lizards?

Will Vinegar Get Rid of Lizards

Vinegar can get rid of lizards. However, you have to mix it with other ingredients, such as essential oils or lemon and chili powder, to increase its potency. 

Lizards can be considered both indoor and outdoor pests that need humane ways of repelling. Most lizard repellents are formulated with essential oils as they are scents that lizards dislike and will ultimately help deter them away from areas they have infested. Other scents they hate are vinegar, onion, garlic, and capsaicin. 

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