Thomas Mathews

Thomas Matthews

Pest Control Specialist, Educator
Expertise: Pest Control
Education: Bachelor of Science in Entomology, University of Delaware


Thomas Matthews was the first Pest Samurai. After completing his BSc degree in Entomology, he established a pest control service in Delaware. The name ‘Samurai’ was inspired by his fascination with Japanese culture. After nearly 40 years of success, our company has evolved into a true family-run business.


In 2018, we decided to discontinue our local services and put all of our efforts into building the best DIY online database for pest control. We firmly believe that almost all pest infestations can be resolved by anyone if they simply follow the right instructions.

Our team consists of four well-experienced professional pest exterminators. We have dealt with almost every type of pest infestation, and our site can provide solutions to any of your pest-related problems. During our local service, we never used strong and toxic pest control products. We always preferred mechanical methods and natural products because some chemicals have residual effects that can cause great harm to children or pets. One of our missions is to teach people not just how to get rid of pests but how to prevent annoying pest infestations.

If you have a unique business idea you’d like to share, please send me an email with the subject line “Business Opportunity” to [email protected]. Due to the high volume of spam, any email without “Business Opportunity” in the subject line will be ignored. I’m particularly interested in growing the Pest Samurai site, but I’m open to hearing any related suggestions. Thank you in advance for checking the Pest Samurai website, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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